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Seasons 40 to 50 of the Weathervane Theatre


A brand new book coming Fall 2015

A companion to the 40th Season Commemorative



In celebration of the Weathervane Theatre’s 40th Season, the Weathervane Alumni Association

published “Nights of Northern Lights”—a commemorative history of the theatre. The 224 page

hardcover limited edition book was printed by the prestigious Stinehour Press of Lunenburg,

Vermont, chronicled the history of theatre in Whitefield, through narratives, anecdotes and

stories and over 600 photographs of productions. The book was honored as a Performing Arts

finalist in the 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards.


This year, to celebrate the 50th Season, a companion volume, encompassing the years from 2005

through 2015, is being designed. It will follow the format of the earlier publication, and will

include company lists, production photos as well as articles on major events, such as the tragic

2011 fire that destroyed the original Weathervane Barn and the rebuilding that followed. In

addition, stories and letters collected over the years from both alumni and community members, of memories, impressions, and last effects of the Weathervane Theatre will be featured.


The book will be released in the Fall of 2015, and available for pre-sale during the summer

season. Remaining copies of the original book will also once again be available, either singly, or

in a set with the new edition.

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